It Knows What Scares You

Join Jay and I as we discuss the new Blair Witch trailer and analyze one of our favorite films, Poltergeist!



They’re Here! The first episode..

Hey Ghosters. It’s here, the first episode of our podcast. Come listen as we talk about the ins and outs of what GHOSTcasters will be.


Welcome GHOSTcasters

Welcome GHOSTcasters,

It is my pleasure to welcome you as we begin an exciting look into all things supernatural and cinematic. Ghosts on screen haveĀ been an obsession of mine ever since my dad let me watch Poltergeist one weekend in 1999. A decision I’m sure he would often regret. Not because of any nightmares I had or concerns that it was out of my age range.. but the storm of chatter and obsession that followed.

Not a day went by that I didn’t mention the Freeling family or discuss my own theories on the supernatural. Make believe with friends in the playground became “Escape the Poltergeist”. It was madness!

17 years later, here we are. I met my good friend Jay, with a similar love for the subgenre and together the idea for this podcast was born.

Stay tuned as we announce the schedule for the coming show.


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